Professional Engineering Services - West Coast Road Outlet Drain, Singapore

West Coast Road Outlet Drain No. 6 flows southwards from West Coast Road through Japanese Kindergarten and Japanese Secondary School, through an industrial area at Pandan Loop before discharging into the sea.

This project is to improve the 642m of West Coast Road Outlet Drain No. 6 which includes the construction of water control gate to facilitate the reconstruction of West Coast Road Outlet Drain No. 6.

The proposed improvement work comprises the construction of

  1. 549m length of 8.0m wide U-drain
  2. 93m length of 8.0m wide box culvert
  3. Ancillary and miscellaneous work

The existing West Coast Outlet Drain No. 6 comprised of 4.5m wide precast cantilever U-drain, 5m-6m wide box culvert and 6m wide precast cantilever U-drain. A stretch of drain wall had tilted and is required to be reconstructed to restore its operational functionality.

Public Utilities Board, Singapore

April 2023