Link Sewers for the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System, Singapore

DTSS Phase 2 (DTSS2) involves collecting domestic used water from Ulu Pandan WRP (UPWRP) catchments and Jurong WRP (JWRP) catchments and divert it to the proposed Tuas Water Reclamation Plant (TWRP). The industrial used water from JWRP catchments will be diverted via linked sewers to TWRP in a separate industrial used water tunnel. Greasy waste tanker deliveries will be diverted from JWRP to a new reception facility at TWRP.

CKMbT International was appointed by Public Utilities Board as Engineering and Project Management Consultants for the Link Sewers for the Deep Tunnel Sewerage System Phase 2 Project – Schedule I, Singapore.

Schedule I consists of 2 parts where Part 1 is approximately 2km long with 17 nos. of manholes and Part 2 is approximately 16.6km long with 130 nos. of manhole including crossing underneath sea. The diameter of the proposed sewers ranges from 300mm to 3000mm and will be laid up to a depth of 40m.

The Schedule shall be package into many contracts taking into consideration geographical location, market capacity, timeline and the interfacing with the DTSS Phase 2 contracts.

CKMbT’s scope involves:

  • Preliminary Consulting Engineering Services to carry out engineering studies
  • Detailed planning, detailed design and design support during construction
  • Construction Management and Supervision of works
  • Commissioning of the proposed sewerage works including seeking approvals from Utility Companies, Statutory Authorities and Government Departments
  • Prepare, endorse and submit the “As-Constructed” drawings
  • Prepare BIM Model for the entire Project Scope

The Services are provided in three (3) Stages, and includes the provision of services of Qualified Persons during all the three Stages in a manner and scope as required by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) and other Statutory Authorities and Government Departments.

Public Utilities Board, Singapore


December 2016 – August 2024

Feasibility Study, Detailed Engineering, Construction Support, Project Management